Towards Excellence in Clinical & Pediatric Dermatology
Comprehensive Skin Care Clinique was founded in 1991 by Dr. Manish K. Shah. We deal with myriad skin, hair, nail, oral and genital problems. Our forte is clinical and pediatric dermatology. We are not into cosmetic dermatology per se, but do offer sound expertise regarding the pros and cons of various cosmetic dermatology procedures in vogue today.

When you come to CSCC, we strive to give you:

  • In-depth explanation of your problem.
  • Involvement in the decision-making process for what’s ideal for you.
  • Empowering you to be in a position to take care of your own skin in the long run.
Pediatric Derma..
Treating skin diseases in children is slightly different than in adults. The spectrum of skin disorders is not the same. Examining children demands special attention, being quick and non-threatening. Treatment needs to be gentle yet effective. A general dermatologist is adept... treating most skin diseases in children. But in some situations, a pediatric dermatologist's opinion may be required.
Vitiligo is those milky white patches you seen on certain people. Melanocytes are cells in the skin that are responsible for producing skin pigment. In vitiligo, which the immune system manufactures antibodies against one's own melanocytes. This renders the colour-producing factory... melanocyte incapable of producing pigment. Hence the affected skin and sometimes hair within turn white. These don't look too bad on Caucasian skin. But in darker skin types, they can be quite disfiguring. Moreover, vitiligo is a stigma in Indian society, where it is considered to be a kind of leprosy. We can do a lot to improve and sometimes even clear vitiligo. We have the latest technology in the form of narrow band UVB therapy and excimer 308 nm light system.
Acne or pimples or blackheads or zits can trouble males and females throughout their reproductive age. The appearance of acne on the face is a big blow to the self-confidence. People with acne tend to become withdrawn and try to shun social occasions. Our track... record with acne management has been very gratifying with high patient satisfaction.
Hair Disorders
The hair segment is a heavily marketed one with varied players making outlandish claims. It is accepted that dermatologists are best equipped to treat various skin and scalp diseases. Our hair consult involves proper history-taking, detailed clinical examination, appropriate... investigations and then prescribing medications with discussion of the pros and cons involved. We are realistic about what kind of improvement one can expect. We suggest that a hair consult should be stand alone and not clubbed with a dermatology consult.
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