IADVL SIG Pediatric Dermatology organized a unique patient-oriented meeting 'Caring And Sharing for Eczema' on 22nd June, 2014 at B. J. Wadia Hospital for Children, Parel. The CASE meeting was attended by around 35 persons that included practising and teaching dermatologists, dermatology and pediatrics residents, and caregivers of AD patients. The meeting started at 10.30 am and got over by 1 pm. The entire meeting was recorded and will be submitted to Dr. Ameet to be put up on the IADVL website where ever deemed appropriate.

Dr. Manish K. Shah started the proceedings with a simple explanation of what atopic dermatitis is, how atopic skin is different and how one can keep it at bay, and often overcome it. Dr. Rajesh Jadhav then discussed on the everyday nitty gritty of coping with eczema, including bathing, soaps, clothes and the like. This was followed by pearls of wisdom by Dr. Rui Fernandez who talked about the highs and lows of AD therapy. Dr. Manjyot Gautam discussed the interplay of various infections with AD and the role of bleach baths. Dr. Amrita Talwar made a brief presentation followed by an actual demonstration of wet wraps, an underutilized modality for treating AD. The piece de resistance were presentations by Ms Anindita Guha Rungta Maulik and Ms Kavitha Unnikrishnan mothers of children with AD. They talked about the trials, tribulations and victories they experienced as a family battling AD. The presentations were followed by an interactive session. Through this meeting, caregivers felt they gained some extra knowledge about AD and doctors felt the parents’ presentation gave them some fresh insights on the impact of AD on patients and their families.

This meeting encapsulates a lot of what a patient or a family should know about atopic dermatitis. IADVL SIG Pediatric Dermatology recommends that all patients with AD who attend private clinics or public hospitals be provided the link to these presentations so patients can be conveyed all that cannot be covered in a conventional 10 to15 minute consult. We are planning to do these in various languages so people from all over the country can benefit. Now it is on You Tube..
  • Eczema? Why me? How do I cope?
    Dr. Manish Shah
  • Coping with eczema everyday
    Dr. Rajesh Jadhav
  • Eczema treatment highs and lows
    Dr. Rui Fernandez
  • Infections and eczema
    Dr. Manjyot Gautam
  • Wet wraps for eczema
    Dr. Amrita Talwar
  • Our life with eczema: A family perspective
    Dr. Anindita Guha Maulik Rungta
  • Overcoming eczema: It’s not impossible
    Dr. Mr / Mrs Unnikrishnan
  • Sharing experiences and viewpoints